Hunt The Vote Builds Army of 200,000 Hunters Pledging to Vote this November

Madison, Wisconsin (October 19, 2020) – Today, Hunt the Vote, a project of Hunter Nation Foundation dedicated to giving hunters a voice and a vote, announced over 200,000 hunters have officially pledged to vote their values this November. Traditionally non- voters, hunters are a critical voting bloc that could make a significant impact now and in the future.

“Less than half of America’s 15 million licensed hunters vote,” said Luke Hilgemann, President of Hunter Nation Foundation. “That’s over 7 million sportsmen and women sitting it out and letting someone else decide who our leaders should be and what they should stand for. But not anymore. Hunt The Vote has built a grassroots army of 200,000 hunters strong who have pledged to vote this November.”

“With tens of thousands of hunters now engaged and voting – many for the first time – their voices and their values will no longer be ignored,” Hilgemann continued.

Once an honored and respected tradition in America, anti-hunting elected officials have implemented several laws and regulations directly impacting the hunting lifestyle and traditional American values. The consequence? America has lost more than 2 million hunters in the last five years.
Hunter Nation Foundation is dedicated to educating and engaging hunters about the importance of passing down the hunting tradition to the next generation. Hunters can pledge to vote here and learn more about state voter registration here.

About Hunter Nation Foundation
Hunter Nation Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting America’s hunting heritage. Committed to God, Family, Country and the Outdoor Lifestyle, Hunter Nation Foundation educates and engages hunters to ensure the right to hunt is passed down to the next generation.

About Hunt the Vote
A project of Hunter Nation Foundation, Hunt the Vote is dedicated to giving hunters a voice and a vote through voter registration and mobilization. Learn more at and follow us on Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter .

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