Who We Are...

Hunter Nation Foundation is dedicated to educating the public about the importance of passing down the hunting tradition to the next generation. We believe in scienced-based conservation, and are committed to God, Family, Country, and the Outdoor Lifestyle. Through a variety of educational events, communications, and online engagement, we are the nation’s premier educational organization uniting hunters and sportsmen for the purpose of passing down our hunting heritage and preserving the great outdoors and wildlife.


We also believe that hunters should have a voice and a vote. That is why we launched the HUNT THE VOTE project to encourage hunters everywhere to get out and exercise their civic duty and VOTE. We know hunters want to be outdoors and independant, but for better or worse, lawmakers make policies that affect hunting.
Including, what hunters can hunt, how they hunt, when they can hunt, where they can hunt, and all sorts of other burdensome regulations. So, to protect our hunting freedoms, we encourage hunters to make their voice heard and VOTE!

The HUNT THE VOTE project makes voter registration information easily accessible for hunters in all fifty states. We organize live and virtual HUNT THE VOTE events that drive hunters to get registered to vote and vote.We help hunters with the information they need to get registered to vote, obtain an absentee ballot if applicable, and to participate in early voting as they may be hunting on election day.

Our job is to make sure the information is easy to find, so hunters can be informed and ready to vote.